Hello lovely! We are a husband and wife wedding photography team who has been shooting weddings for over five years. We understand that photographing weddings and portrait sessions are amazing, while being stuck behind your computer editing for hours isn’t quite as fun. Get your life back through outsourcing your editing, so you have more time to shoot, grow your business, and spend time with your loved ones!

Our basic editing services include Lightroom edits for color correction, exposure, contract, etc. We can edit to match your style. Our turn around time is 2-3 days for weddings and 1-2 days for portrait sessions.

Culling: $0.05
Basic editing: $0.28 per image
With cropping/straightening: $0.30 per image
Additional Retouching: $2 per image

How it Works:
After you cull your photos and create smart previews, you can send your Lightroom catalog to us through Dropbox. We recommend selecting a few images from your gallery to edit that way we can get a sense of your style and how you would like your photos edited. After we receive your catalog, we will then edit your images to your specifications and send the gallery back to you. We also accept custom presets, or we can use Mastin Labs presents if desired.

Want to chat?
Feel free to contact us at info@ericandjennphotography.com or through our contact form here.